Join Spring Hill EMS save lives

As one of the largest ambulance services in the county, Spring Hill EMS offers members countless opportunities to save lives while giving back to the community. Team members receive free, ongoing training, engage in group activities, ride along with ambulance crews, successfully treat victims, and enjoy opportunities to advance their careers.

Why Spring Hill EMS?

Spring Hill EMS is not just an ambulance service.
We are a family. We are a team. We band together to give – and find that we get more than we give. Spring Hill EMS supplies everything you need to succeed. The team at Spring Hill EMS consists of many community members in leadership positions, as well as members who are in the medical, healthcare, and related fields. Surrounded by pre-med students, residents, and healthcare professionals provides members the opportunity to chalk up clinicial hours and learn from the expertise of those who’ve already successfully moved along the medical path.
From top-of-the-line equipment to initial training for NYS EMT certification to ongoing medical education to camaraderie and support, Spring Hill EMS sets you up for success.

Spring Hill EMS Members:


Provide emergency care while furthering your professional career and experiencing personal growth. Our ever-growing team of EMTs provides the companionship and expertise that are vital to emergency responders. With the option of flexible shift schedules, senior support, ongoing education, state-of-the-art facilities, and many other perks, Spring Hill EMS is a preferred choice of employment for certified EMTs.


Geared towards teens that have a proclivity for medicine or emergency services, the Youth Corp Membership program gives high school students a head-start on building resilience, sensitivity, leadership, and a career. Spring Hill EMS provides Youth Corp members with CPR and First Aid certifications, hands-on experience, and access to senior corp members.


Receive your NYS EMT certification in a friendly, supportive environment and retain priority for leadership positions at Spring Hill EMS. In addition to in-depth expertise and hands-on experience, our program promises personal growth and career development opportunities. Many volunteer EMTs have later pursued careers as paramedics, nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, lawyers, and the like.

How it works



Fill out your online application and simply press submit. Our team is looking forward to getting to know you.



Youth squad and volunteers schedule a meetup during the application process, and staff EMT applicants confirm on a follow-up call.



Get your onboarding packet, complete with Spring Hill EMT uniform and membership Privileges and obligations.

Our Members In Action


Staff EMT's




Volunteer EMT's



No. Once you become a member, we require that you learn your way around the ambulance and be certified in CPR. Once this process is completed, you can start riding along with the crews and start gaining experience.

None. Once you join, our members will certify you in CPR. This is the only certification needed in order to start riding along on the ambulance. When the EMT course is offered, Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps will sponsor your EMT class, and assist you in confidently practicing the skills you learned.

We require all members to give a minimum of 12 hours a month to the corps.

In order to join you have to be at least 15 years of age, however you cannot ride on the ambulance until you are 16 years old.

Help someone in their time of need. When an individual calls 911, we get dispatched to the call and from there we would assist the person with their emergency, and transport them to the hospital.

We do not allow our members to be drivers only; this is beneficial to all those around. In the event that there is an emergency that demands more than one set of hands, both the EMT and driver are well trained and know how to react. This helps us so we can work better as a team, which gives us the desired end goal of better patient care.

Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps will sponsor you to attend an EMT class locally. This class is usually offered on weeknights through the Rockland County EMS Academy. It is here where you will gain the necessary skills needed to reach the end goal of becoming a Crew Chief.

In order to ride we require all members to be cleared by your doctor before you join. Any questions regarding this please feel free to ask in our questions section.

If you have any questions regarding bringing students or family on a field trip to see the station and ambulances, submit a question in the ask a question section and we will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.